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Socks and underwear are a modern day essential. Socks with thongs is not essential and is also questionable. The same goes for underwear outside of pants… that’s reserved for superheroes.

An alarming socks and underwear fact is that some men are still wearing the same pairs they had from 10 years ago. WOW! This is the key problem solved by subscriptions socks and underwear and the catalyst for MANRAGS to operate through a subscription model.

So what is an underwear and sock subscription? In its simplest definition, a constant freshen up of the once dull and tired top drawer. A solution to the ageing garments with the ease of never having to worry about setting a “shopping day” to update these necessities.

How does a MANRAGS subscription work?

A MANRAGS man or woman signs up to receive a continuous supply of socks or jocks or both! Our subscriptions allow subscribers to skip, amend or cancel at any time.

The ‘skip’ option 

At any point in time, you can log into your account and skip your next renewal for any number of months or indefinitely. This option is best used when subscribers are travelling, in between jobs or their top drawer is overflowing.

The ‘amend’ option 

Lets say you joined for Double the Love, you’ve had an 3 months and finding you’re pretty content with 6 pairs of awesome socks. You can login to your account and change to the Monthly Man Rags Underwear option. 4 months later if you find that you need to give your sock game a freshen up, you can move over to The Essentials Package. With 6 subscription options, there’s something to suit everyone.

The ‘Cancel at anytime’ option 

We understand that your drawers can begin to overflow and appreciate that every individual has their own needs. Therefore at any point in time you can cancel your subscription. Cancelling your subscription doesn’t mean you have to be gone for good. You can reactivate your subscription at any time in your account.

We’re here to help make any of these changes on your behalf. Simply email and we’ll do it for you!