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We thought we would collate a few interesting facts that can make for conversation on Father’s Day. Enjoy!

Around the world there are 63 dates celebrating dads, with the majority of the world celebrating in June (105 countries to be exact). 

Fathers Day in Australia in 2017 was Sunday September 3rd and was shared with New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinnea.

Retail and gifting spend on Father’s Day is on average 45% less than Mother’s day. 

It is the fourth-biggest day for sending greeting cards after Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

About 20% of cards are bought for husbands.

In Germany, on Father’s Day, men drink all day at beer gardens (or just any garden).

In America, Father’s Day is the busiest day of the year for collect phone calls. 

Paid Parental Leave for dads was only introduced in Australia in 2014

The world’s oldest father is believed to be Ramajit Raghav from India. He was 96 years old when his 52-year-old wife gave birth to a baby boy in 2010. Raghav was single until he was in his 80s.

In modern days, the world’s youngest father was an 11-year old boy from Auckland, New Zealand. His baby mama was a 36-year old mother of his school friend.

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