Recycle FAQs

What items can you accept?

We accept:

✅ Clothing items (jeans, shirts, coats, etc)

✅ Fabric off-cuts and sewing scraps

✅ Hats

✅ Wireless Bras (incl. bras with their wire removed)

✅ Socks

✅ Shoes

✅ Linen (bedding, blankets, towels, tea towels, etc)

✅ Fabric mattress protectors (not waterproof/plastic)

✅ Fabric couch covers and curtains

✅ Bathers & Swimwear

✅ Wetsuits

We can’t accept:

❌ Duvets/Doonas

❌ Pillows/Cushions

❌ Unwashed items

❌ Underwear (used eg. panties, briefs, unmentionables)

❌ Cloth Nappies

❌ Carpet

❌ Polyurethane (PU) Leather

❌ Polypropylene (PP) Bags

❌ Bags (handbags, duffel bags, etc)

❌ Belts

❌ Soft Toys

❌ Wired Bras

Can I get a reward when I recycle?

Yes! However, you’ll need to purchase directly through a partner’s reward page if you’d like to receive a reward.


You cannot select a reward after purchasing a clothing collection. You must choose a reward and purchase your collection through that brand’s specific reward page. This ensures that we can issue you with your desired coupon immediately!


Still unsure of how the Recycle and Reward program works?
Please read our full Reward FAQs here!

Do you accept damaged items?

Yes! We can accept items in any condition whether that be brand new or heavily worn with rips, stains, and holes.

The only requirement is that they’re clean — so we recommend popping everything through a quick wash before packaging for collection.

How is my collection organised?

When you’ve got your textiles boxed and ready to be collected, simply click the “Book Your Collection” button in your confirmation email to visit your unique booking portal. From there, you’ll have two options: pick-up from your door or drop-off at your local post office. Select whichever is most convenient for you and fill in the details of your collection.


Once submitted, you’ll be emailed the generated labels to print and attach to your box(es).


If you selected pick-up, print and attach your labels and leave your box(es) out in an accessible location for our third-party courier partners to collect.


If you selected drop-off, print and attach your labels and take your box(es) to your local post office. We’ll take care of the rest!

What happens if my box isn't collected?

If your box is not collected on the scheduled collection date, your booking will be automatically re-scheduled for the following business day.


If your package(s) remain uncollected for consecutive business days, please contact us and our friendly team will be able to investigate the situation for you as soon as possible —

How should I package my items?
To reduce waste and emissions we don’t send you anything to collect your items in. Your textiles can be packaged into ANY type of box (no larger than carry-on luggage) — a food delivery box, grocery box or moving box would work! You can also pack your items into a durable bag or satchel. As a reference, the package should be approximately 46cm x 41cm x 42cm, however, it doesn’t have to be these dimensions exactly! Please note: The courier cannot collect garbage bags. Check out our suggested packaging video below for ideas!
Can I drop my items off at UPPAREL?

Unfortunately not. We don’t currently have the resources, infrastructure or team to manage drop-offs from the public at our facility.

However, we have partnered up with a number of brands across Australia to offer an in-store textile recycling solution at select locations! You can view all active locations HERE.

Additionally, after purchasing a clothing recycling collection you can now opt to drop your package(s) at your local post office whenever is convenient, rather than waiting for a courier collection. You can organise a clothing recycling collection HERE.

What do you do with my unwanted textiles?

Everything is reused, repurposed, or recycled within our operational eco-system. We ensure nothing is sent to landfill! Currently, approximately 60% of the items we receive are in new or fit-to-wear condition. These items are hand-sorted by our dedicated team and passed on to our trusted charity partners, like Save The Children, We Are Mobilise, Djirra, and many more!

The remaining 40% is either repurposed by local designers and makers or transformed into our revolutionary material, UPtex! Which is not only entirely recycled but also completely recyclable at its end of life.

What happens to the shoes you receive?

Environmentally it is best to reuse items wherever possible, so we’ll always try to reuse or repair shoes if we can! If we cannot reuse them then their materials can be of use in many ways — rubber can be shredded and developed into new products or rubberised athletic tracks and playground surfaces. Their soles can also be used to create soles for fresh shoes!

How do you recycle the textiles you receive?

Once the textiles are sorted and assessed as suitable for recycling the items are decommissioned, removing all hardware such as zips and buttons. The textiles are then broken down through an industrial tearing process to create a fine fluffy fibre. This unique recycled fibre can then be used to create our revolutionary material, UPtex, which can be used for packaging, signage, homewares, and more. Check out this video for a closer look!

How do I know if you collect from my address?

We offer clothing recycling collections Australia-wide! Customers will be provided with a link through the collection confirmation email to schedule their collection for a date that suits them best.

Please note — couriers do not collect on weekends. If you live in an apartment building and do not have a safe place to leave your items, we suggest opting to drop off your items at your local post office. This option is selected at the time of scheduling your collection, not purchasing.

Why does it cost $35?

Great question! The recycling fee helps to contribute towards a number of the costs involved in operating a textile recycling initiative. There are the costs associated in transporting and storing items, separating them, sorting them based on their second life use and preparing new or fit-for-wear items to be distributed to our epic Australian partners; Save The Children, Sacred Heart Mission, Ready Set Australia, St Kilda Mums and Good360 Australia! Not to mention the expenses involved with our specialised recycling process.


These costs add up quickly, which may be the reason so few retailers are engaging in on-shore textile recycling initiatives. As an independent business without any government funding, the $35 collection fee is really important in contributing towards these costs and supporting our mission as a small Australian start-up to keep textiles out of landfill and create a circular life cycle for the products we manufacture.

Where can I purchase your recycled product?

At the moment, we’re focused on bringing our recycled product to our commercial partners first. We’ve found an increasing amount of interest from a number of industries looking to utilise our recycled materials such as construction, furniture, fashion, and more! We’d love to bring our recycled product to the public market in the future, however, our current objective is to provide it on a commercial level.


If you’re a business looking to enquire about UPtex, you can submit your expression of interest HERE.

Reward FAQs

How do I get a recycling reward?

In order to receive a recycling reward, you must purchase your collection through one of our dedicated partner reward pages. You cannot select a reward after purchasing a clothing collection. You can browse through all of the available partner rewards on the Recycle and Reward page. Once you’ve found a reward you’d like to receive, click on that partner’s logo to be redirected to their dedicated page.

Browse all rewards here!

When do I receive my reward?

You should receive your chosen reward coupon instantly via email along with your booking link after purchasing your clothing collection.

If you don’t receive anything within an hour of purchasing your collection, please send us an email and we’ll be able to help you out —

What is the reward?

Each brand chooses its own unique reward. So whilst most have a $25 reward coupon, they can vary. So make sure to take a look at our Recycle and Rewards page to see what’s on offer!

Can I receive multiple rewards?

A reward is only provided on your first collection with a reward partner. You can receive multiple rewards, however, you can only receive each unique reward once.

Who can I receive a reward from?

We have an epic roster of brand partners who have stepped up to make a difference. Each of these reward partners can be viewed on our Recycle and Rewards page.

Have a brand you’d like to see join our rewards program? Let them know they can reach out via the Contact Us partnerships form on our website. We’ll set them up with a dedicated rewards page for free!

Where do I redeem my reward coupon?

You can redeem your unique coupon code online at the checkout of the brand you recycled with. Some brand rewards may also provide a unique barcode for redemption in-store.

For example, when you recycle with Target, you will only receive a unique coupon code for redemption online. Whereas when you recycle with Sussan, will provide a unique coupon code for redemption online and a barcode for redemption in-store.

Make sure to check the T&Cs of each reward as each brand is unique. T&Cs are listed on the brand’s dedicated reward page.

Why have a rewards program?

We introduced our Recycle and Rewards program as a convenient opportunity for brands and organisations to step up and make a positive impact! It allows businesses to not only help raise awareness around the global textile waste crisis but also provide their community with a sustainable solution to their unwanted clothing and textiles.

Additionally, it adds an extra incentive for customers who otherwise wouldn’t consider recycling or repurposing their old clothing!

Please contact us if you still have questions.