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It’s easy to say that MANRAGS as a business model and brand is truly the gift that keeps on giving. There aren’t many brands out there that continue to put a smile on their customers’ faces, providing an element of surprise every month.

From the cleverly wrapped products that give our subscribers a sense of confidence and inspiration with the tag line ‘you’ll move mountains’, to the multiple unique designs and our goal to build anticipation and excitement for what’s coming next.

Subscription socks are a little more common place but as an early pioneer in the subscription sock and underwear subscription market we have a lot more than our long and established history to vouch for this.

In December 2016 having been established for just 15 months we knew that our loyal customers deserved more so we added an additional element of surprise to their packages. All our long standing Monthly MANRAGS customers received an additional pair of socks and for our ever deserving Double the Love customers they received a uniquely designed MANRAGS toiletry bag… because, well they deserved it.

In April 2017, we decided to launch underwear as a result of our customers almost demanding we do. Our intentions were to follow the same model we had with our socks; provide the highest quality underwear, keeping our superior Egyptian cotton and ensure our price was affordable. We could have chosen to simply offer our existing customers a discount, although in true MANRAGS style we offered all our existing customers to try our new boxer briefs absolutely free. We thought it was only fair that we extend the free underwear to our previous subscribers who had entrusted us with keeping their feet fresh for many months previously as well.

Creating hype and recognising our customers, as well as demonstrating an appreciation that they chose MANRAGS above all others isn’t something we take for granted.

We have big plans for our loyal customers, and we’re continuing to truly live up to MANRAGS being the gift that keeps on giving!