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The world’s first and only digital textile recycling solution.

Educate your customers on textile waste and reward them for making a positive impact.

How it Works

We are partnering with brands to promote recycling with a purpose. Consumers can choose from a number of brands to recycle their garments with and receive a reward. Consumers are incentivised with these rewards when recycling with a brand, whereas recycling through UPPAREL’s standard service is not rewarded.

With a specifically built landing page offered online to consumers, this enables them to seamlessly and conveniently recycle their unwanted textiles through your brand. We offer this program to our partners free-of-charge.

Our Service

This simple and convenient service which will encourage sustainable practices and educate your community on textile recycling. This solution is facilitated by UPPAREL, we build and design the page to your business’s specifications and you simply need to let your customers know it exists.

This solution lets your company show support for circular fashion and sustainability, whilst also giving you the opportunity to reward and engage customers for their participation. Let’s tackle over-consumption together to ensure products are reused, repurposed, and recycled.

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