In-Store & On-Site Solution

Keep your textiles out of landfill with customisable bins. For everything from customer returns to worksite uniforms.

How it Works

UPPAREL will provide you with a bespoke solution to suit your requirements. Our in store and on site solutions can be located in your head office, selected stores or every store across your brand across Australia and New Zealand. Each month bins are collected from your desired location, swapped over and replaced with a new bin. The contents of the bins are weighed upon collection before the items make their way back to us to be given a new life.

This solution allows your company to demonstrate responsibility for end of life and sustainably engage with staff, customers and your community.

Collection Bins

We work with various brands and businesses across Australia to provide this on site solution in the form of collection bins for consumers and employees.

Multiple collection bins are provided to these brands with UPPAREL facilitating the collection, sorting, and recycling ensuring nothing goes to landfill.

Bins are customisable and branded to provide a fun and eye-catching way to highlight a company’s commitment to reducing textile waste.

Trusted by Local & Global brands

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