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Allow us to introduce MANRAGS Exclusive Edition. Available only via The Shop, these socks are set to become your new go-to basics.

Made in Egypt from mercerised, long staple Egyptian cotton to ensure colour fade never occurs. With an unparalleled ability to absorb moisture, the Exclusive Edition has been designed to guarantee ultimate comfort and style – always.

Why Mercerised Egyptian Cotton?

Mercerisation is a process applied to fibres after weaving to increase lustre – typically cotton. Early on it was found that the process had secondary benefits; the mercerised fibres were able to absorb more water, and therefore absorb more dye, making the colour of the dyed cloth brighter and deeper.

The difference is dramatic – mercerisation increases the absorption of dye by as much as 25%.

What makes them different to your other socks?

The MANRAGS Exclusive Edition was designed as a capsule to compliment your existing collection.The mercerisation makes them the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn. Plus they’re perfect for every day wear because of their unparalleled moisture wicking ability.

Where can I get my hands feet on them?

You can purchase a boxset of 4 Monochrome socks or 6 Bold Colour socks for a limited time only in The Shop.

Don’t miss these MANRAGS!