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For years we’ve been sending MANRAGS to men and women all around the globe, and we finally thought – why not make a subscription that couples can enjoy together every month?!

So we’ve put together the HIS & HERS subscription, which includes two pairs of curated socks for you and your significant other. Every pair will be unique (just like you two) and sometimes they’ll even match! Like your relationship, there’ll be a mix of everything, because no two days are the same so why should your socks be?

Plus – now the joy of the ‘opening ceremony’ isn’t just left up to the individual. When your HIS & HERS arrive you can both hurry out to the letterbox, grab a corner each and tear open your MANRAGS (picture ‘Lady & The Tramp’ sharing a strand of spag bol, only with socks). You might even form a monthly roster of who gets the honour of opening up the infamous glossy, black bag.

Socks are One Size Fits Most, with the men’s running from size US 7 – 13 and the women’s running from size AU 6 – 11. You can take a look at our HIS & HERS subscription package along with your other options here.