Introducing the MANRAGS x Sophie Thé Collaboration

We teamed up with talented illustrator, Sophie Thé, to launch our first ever collaboration! Featuring two incredible designs inspired by the Australian landscape in sizes for kids and adults alike. We sat down with Sophie to ask her some questions about the collaboration and the inspiration behind her beautiful illustrations.

Sophie Thé Illustrations
What inspired you to create these 2 prints?

I created the koala print during the summer bushfires in Australia, it was such an heartbreaking time with the amount of wildlife we lost.
The second print of the socks on the line I created for MANRAGS. I wanted people to talk about the fact that their socks are made of recycled old socks wish is so cool and influence people to recycle their socks.

Many of your illustrations reference iconic Australian landmarks. Which is your favourite?

Probably due to the fact that I’ve been living here for 19years. I have such a special place in my heart for the koala. I think that my favourite.

You have a really unique and distinct colour palette. What attracts you to these particular colours?

I wanted to stick with the same limited palette for a while and use colours that wouldn’t represent the reality. I started with the Dazzling Blue from my interior design business logo called Bluebyname. So that remind me of the sea, light blue is the sky, iced coffee is the colour of the skin in summer and the light version is during winter. Red passion, orange for sunshine and pink for universal love.

This palette gives me great joy to work with but I’m playing with the idea of a change soon….

What was it like creating products with our Founder and Creative Director?

I discovered MANRAGS on an Instagram story, I loved the idea so I reposted it on my feed. The same day Tina contacted and asked if I was interested in doing the first collaboration because my drawings worked so well with their vision. That was such an exciting news! We never actually met in Person. It was such a great experience, the team was super enthusiastic and supportive.

How did you feel when you saw your prints come to life on the finished products?

Absolutely amazing, it looks better than I would ever imagined. The definition is so good and the colours so vibrant. Can’t wait to wear them myself!

We have a global community and ship to over 60 countries. People all over the world can now wear your art! How does that feel?

I can’t believe it’s happening. So grateful to MANRAGS! I would love to see photos the socks in all corner of the world, in different cultures and interiors. Would be so interesting for me.

What is the next exciting project for Sophie The Stylist?

To keep drawing some more… and more and for ever. And hopefully more collabs with same minded people again.


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