Commercial Recycling Collection



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Keeping your unwanted textiles out of the bin has never been easier.


Step 1.

Choose your quantity.

Start by purchasing a suitable collection for the amount of clothing, linen, shoes, and other textiles you have to send us. The collection costs start from $200, which will provide you with an allowance of up to 100 kg collected.

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Step 2.

Package your clean textiles.

We can accept the majority of textiles for reuse, repurpose and recycling! You can view a complete list of what we can accept here. As our team will be sorting through your textiles by hand, we can only accept clean items — be sure to give all items a quick wash and any shoes a wipe over before packaging for collection! If you’re unsure of how to package your items, you can check out this video for suggestions.

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Step 3.

Let us know your items are ready to collect.

Once all items are packed, simply email us! We’ll assist with organising your collection within 48 business hours of receiving your request.