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Recycle your textiles

Australians purchase 27kg of new textiles each year and then discard around 23kg into landfill—annually.

This means that as a country, we’re discarding over 6,000kg of textile and clothing waste every 10 minutes.

Did you know that clothing waste takes up to 40 years to decompose, whilst shoes can take 1,000 years to break down?

All up, the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluting industry in the world, contributing 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon a year.

Here’s how you upcycle your textiles.

Step 1.
Purchase your collection.

Simply choose how much you’d like to recycle, selecting an amount that suits you. Join the movement and purchase your collection today!

Step 2.
First wash, then pack your textiles.

We will sort your items by hand, so give your items a quick clean! We’ve got a complete list of what’s accepted and what’s not available here.

Step 3.
Sit back and let us do the rest.

Once everything is packed, email us! We’ll organise a time for pick-up. Remember: Seal your items into a box or durable bag.

Textile Recycling Collection



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Why recycle
your textiles
with us?

Because it’s seriously convenient.

Simply purchase and book in your collection online, then our third party courier network will collect your old textiles from your front door.

You’ll have a positive impact.

For every 1kg of textiles you divert from landfill, you’ll be preventing 3-4kg of greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere. We’ll make it easy and take the hassle out of determining whether to reuse, upcycle or recycle your textiles.

Nothing will end up in landfill.

By implementing our philosophy of reuse first where possible, then upcycle when necessary, we’ll ensure that nothing is ever sent off-shore or dumped in landfill.

Recycle FAQ’S

Unfortunately not. We don’t currently have the resources, infrastructure or team to manage drop-offs from the public. We’ll be sure to let our community know if this changes in the future, but for now you can organise a contactless-collection HERE.

Currently 65% of items we’re receiving are in new or fit-for-wear condition and are prepared to be passed onto our epic Australian partners; Save The Children, Sacred Heart Mission, Ready Set Australia, St Kilda Mums and Good360 Australia! The remaining 35% are assessed for their suitability to be up-cycled into new items or recycled into new materials.

Environmentally it is best to reuse items wherever possible, so we’ll always try to reuse or repair shoes if we can! If we cannot reuse them then their materials can be of use in many ways — rubber can be shredded and developed into new products or track surfaces, basketball courts and playgrounds. Their soles can also be used to create soles for fresh shoes!

We’ve partnered with Textile Recyclers Australia to complete the recycling process, however as this industry is in its infancy here there are no commercial textile recycling facilities in Australia. Recyclable textiles are therefore sent to TRA’s partner facility in India where they are shredded down several times to fluffy fibre and then spun into new yarns that can end up in a number of products ranging from blankets, to floor rugs, to insulation! Some valuable fibres can also be blended with virgin fibres to produce yarns which can be used in manufacturing to create new products — in fact, a selection of our products are made with this yarn!

We accept:
Clothing items (jeans, t-shirts, coats etc)
Bags (handbags, duffel bags etc)
Socks & stockings
Pairs of shoes
Linen (bedding, towels, tea towels etc)
Fabric mattress protectors (not waterproof/plastic)
Fabric off-cuts and sewing scraps
Fabric couch covers
We don’t accept:
Unwashed items
Single shoes (pairs only)
Underwear or bathers
Soft Toys

For 10kg, we suggest using a box with dimensions 430x380x300mm, or approximately the size of Carry on luggage.
For 20kg, we suggest using a box with dimensions 460x410x420mm, or approximately the size of Check-in Luggage.

Check out our suggested packaging video.

We offer contactless-collection Australia wide! Customers living within the CouriersPlease Boomerang network will be provided a link to schedule their collection for a date and time that suits them best. Customers living outside this network will have their collection scheduled by a third-party courier who will attend for collection in the 48 hours following.

Great question! Whilst the $25 fee is fully redeemable in the form of a $25 store credit, it also helps to contribute towards a number of the costs involved in operating a textile recycling initiative. The average cost to collect 10kg across Australia is $22.03 (though you can imagine how this increases for rural collections). There are also the costs associated in storing items, separating them, sorting them based on their second life use and preparing new or fit-for-wear items to be distributed to our epic Australian partners; Save The Children, Sacred Heart Mission, Ready Set Australia, St Kilda Mums and Good360 Australia! Not to mention then sending the remaining items onto Textile Recyclers Australia to be repurposed or recycled. It costs $2 per kg to recycle the textiles sent to us, so for a 10kg box that amounts to $20! The $25 collection fee is really important in contributing towards these costs and supporting our mission as a small Australian start-up to keep textiles out of landfill and create a circular life-cycle for the products we manufacture.

A credit is only issued for your first collection. Each subsequent collection that you purchase will not qualify for an additional store credit.

Your credit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.