Working with Charities and Social enterprise to do good.

For any fit-for-wear clothing, linen or shoes that are sent our way, we’re making sure that they get to those in need.

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What does
Reuse Mean?

We’re talking about rehoming pre-loved garments that we receive. This forms part of our UP Philosophy.

Our philosophy is to reuse where possible to provide quality garments to people in need. This way we’re ensuring that minimal resources are being used to achieve our goals of circularity. Plus! This allows us to give provide appropriate clothing to the relevant organisations, for distribution to those in need. It’s a win, win.

What is

Approximately 65% of the clothing, linen and shoes that we receive is fit to be reused and rehomed.

So, in keeping with our UP philosophy, we ensure that these items are delivered to those who need them most. Currently, we’re working with over 35 charity or social enterprise partners to do our bit for those in less fortunate positions, or who’ve been caught out in disasters or emergencies. We’re always on the lookout for more organisations to get involved with, so if you’re looking to form a partnership then get in touch below.


Who’s already involved?

We’re working with Save the Children to provide them with high quality Mens, Womens & Kids clothes for them to sell in their Op Shops - truly realising our UP Philosophy. Anything that doesn’t sell comes back to us and we recycle the garments into something new!
Our partnership with Jumping Jack sees them collect fit-for-wear baby & children’s clothing to be sold and distributed on our behalf. For every item that is sold 80% of the profits goes to Variety the Children’s Charity.
Backpacks 4 Kids’ mission is to aid displaced children by providing the essentials needed most urgently, long before any arrangements have been made to further support them. ⁠Now they've collected over 200kg of fit-for-wear clothing! All of which will be passed on to people in need!⁠


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