In 2019 we launched the world’s first direct to consumer textile recycling initiative, offering Australians the chance to send us their old and odd socks for re-use or to be recycled into new textiles (and earn a $20 store credit in the process!).

In just four short months we’re already on track to save over 11 tonnes of socks from landfill. That’s over 462,000 socks! And that got us thinking… What else can we do to reduce our footprint and look after the planet?

It was then that we learnt that 8 million metric tonnes of plastic goes into the ocean, every year. This is equivalent to dumping one garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute of every day for an entire year! And plastic production and consumption are predicted to double over the next 10 years, meaning that the number of plastics in our oceans would grow to 250 million tonnes in less than 10 years.

By mid-century it is predicted that the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish. More than 200 animal species have already been documented as consuming plastic, including turtles, whales, seal, birds, and fish. A study published last year by scientists in Australia concluded that virtually all seabirds have consumed plastic.

So with this in mind, 2019 was the year that we decided to remove ALL plastics from our products and packaging! We’re so proud to officially be plastic free, ensuring that you never have to toss out plastic waste after opening your next set of MANRAGS.

Check out this 14 sec. video to see the changes we’ve made!

By purchasing your next pair of socks from us (here for those interested), you’re directly supporting our vision to reduce textile and plastic waste. Plus you can rest easy knowing that they can be returned to us when you’re done loving them — and we’ll prepare them for their second life!

And we promise to never, ever send you plastic.