Know a school or community group that has kids with great ideas?

We are fiercely passionate about inspiring, encouraging and educating the next generation to be the change our earth needs. Creating partnerships with educators and schools has been a goal for some time, and finally we are able to share with you an exciting opportunity we have launched for primary aged students Australia wide.

The UpVention Challenge is the first of its kind, encouraging children in Years 3-6 to get involved and use their creativity, imagination and innovative thinking to design an idea, initiative or invention that uses ‘Waste as a Resource’. We know kids think differently to us adults, some of the solutions to problems they come up with can leave us speechless. We want to see this out of the box approach come through in their pitches, giving them an opportunity to get their ideas out there and get involved in something big!

Our challenge requires teams of 2-4 students in Year 3-6 to come up with either an idea, initiative or an invention. We want them to consider items typically regarded as waste (for example organic/textile/paper) or end of use, and how they could reuse, repurpose or recycle these. The entries will be submitted in a short video pitch, which explains what they’ve come up with and their journey to get to their final entry. 

Becoming an ‘UpVentor’ gives students, and their educators, an authentic learning experience to immerse themselves in. We want to see their learning develop to their final pitch. The focus is on using Design Technologies, Critical and Creative Thinking and Science to communicate their entry. We want to see these ideas be born from scribbles, brainstorms and seemingly impossible ‘what if’ moments. We cannot wait to see a passion for change, possibility and innovation from these children, which we know they’re going to bring.

Sharing what we do, and are learning, with our community will only benefit everyone involved. We’re hoping through this challenge to build ongoing industry and education partnerships for the future. We want to share our knowledge with the next generation and give them a glimpse into ways STEM education can be applied in business. 

The challenge doesn’t just stop with group work in schools, we’re also currently developing a range of Primary learning resources that are aligned with Australian Curriculum outcomes. We want to lead the way in educating today’s students to make a difference and challenge their own and others’ thinking! Encouraging students to UPSkill, UPStart and UPHold through discovering, designing and creating. 

We are all about being changemakers, so we want to be role models of change for the younger generation too. We want to show kids how STEM can be a part of their lives. We want to encourage and empower them to have a go and bust the stereotypes of what STEM can be, especially girls. 

So get behind this. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your teacher friends, tell your child’s teacher. It is time to think differently and make a difference!

Check out the UPvention competition here!