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In 2016 we engaged our community to ask them what they loved about their MANRAGS. The responses were pretty epic! Here are hundreds of testimonials from our community sharing what they love about their Egyptian Cotton socks and undies!

You know that feeling when you’re quietly confident that you’re rocking the best socks in the room? If not, you should subscribe to MANRAGS.
— Tim, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

I genuinely got a job because of my socks. After working for my boss for 6 months I asked him “what set me apart from the rest?” And he replied with “you had a sense of confidence and risk taking with your socks and pocket squares. It set you apart”
— Tom, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

MANRAGS shows the students in my class who’s boss!
— Chris, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

The most comfortable and stylish socks I’ve ever worn!
— Emma, Queensland (MANRAGS Woman 5 months)

Before joining MANRAGS, my life was a complete mess and I was severely lacking direction and motivation. Since joining MANRAGS, none of this has changed, but I do get more compliments about my cool socks.
— Tu, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

MANFLU is dreadful, MANRAGS are amazing!
— Luke, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

MANRAGS are socks reimagined. Unbelievably comfortable, they always receive favourable comments. MANRAGS is also a company with heart. I first discovered these socks when they sponsored the Tour de Cure, a charity event seeking to find the cure for cancer. I was so impressed with their generosity, that I went looking for more information. A year on, and my sock drawer now has nothing but MANRAGS in it!
— Paul, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 14 months)

Undoubtedly the best socks I have ever owned, both in terms of comfort and design.
— Tristan, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

It’s awesome getting something in the mail asides from bills. Feels like your walking on the tombs of the pharaohs. Socks 4 kings
— Adam, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 17 months)

I received a 6 month Subscription of MANRAGS from my Wife for Valentines Day. She nailed it…best gift ever!!! They’re super stylish and a little outta the box…what’s not to love. High Five to you MANRAGS!!!
— Chrissy, Northern Territory (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Because of MANRAGS, I now have the best looking feet in the whole town!
— Marty, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

MANRAGS helps me brighten up even the darkest of days in the office. I used to be a plain navy or black kind of sock guy, but now the funkier the better.
— Stephen, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

MANRAGS has been a revolutionary change to my wardrobe, the socks are ridiculously comfy and trendy, and I’m never short of compliments when I’m wearing my MANRAGS.
— Jude, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

The socks are awesome! Only issue i have now is making sure i wear them all equally!
— Jamie, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

Before I ventured into the world of funky socks my perspective of socks was one of it was just a bare (foot) necessity. Now it has become a defining element of my identity. The ever so changing designs from MANRAGS adds spontaneity to everyday life and gives you confidence in who you are, knowing you stand on your own (socks).
— Ayden, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

MANRAGS are with out doubt the best monthly subscription I have! I cant wait to see the new sock design each month! Keep it up team!
— Leigh, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

MANRAGS is the best subscription I have ever subscribed to
— Andrew, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

Love my MANRAGS! i got them as a gift for christmas and because they come every month its like christmas never ends.
— Poppin, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

I never thought I would be getting compliments for my socks. But it’s happened. Often. I’ve been getting MANRAGS for about a year or more now and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.
— James, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

The anticipation when my MANRAGS delivery was due became laughable, feeling like a child because I’d have some new socks to show off became one of the highlights of my month.
— Liam, Singapore (MANRAGS Man 19 months)

My partner actually gifted them to me as a wedding gift, and now they continue to be a yearly gift from my daughter. I can honestly say I love the not so typical, ‘dads gift’.
— Jade, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

I look forward to opening my MANRAGS package every month! It like Christmas. Even my wife gets excited to see the new sock pattern. I get comments all the time in my meetings about my ‘cool socks’. Great company!
— Danielle, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

MANRAGS have revolutionised the sock game and I for one am stoked to be a part of this!
— Luke, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

Since signing up to MANRAGS I’ve become “that sock guy” and I love it!
— Lisa, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Socks are the New Tie. MANRAGS makes sure my foot sheath arsenal is up to date, comfortable and on point. Not a open home goes past where a client doesn’t comment “Nice Socks!”.
— MANRAGS Man (Anon) (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

Best decision I ever made
— Andrew, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

MANRAGS sock are just the best. Working in real estate and taking shoes on & off all the time I get comments daily from clients say how good they look! Great taking point
— Adam, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

Life before MANRAGS was I imagine like life before man discovered fire — you thought your feet had it good but you really had no idea how your feet would be transformed. Some downsides….the monthly anticipation of a new arrival of socks has become a family event with my 5 yr old the only one allowed to open and discover this months design. My mother struggles with gift ideas come birthday and xmas as she can no longer ‘just’ buy me socks.
— Scott, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

When Dad wanted socks for his birthday, MANRAGS was the answer. It’s his birthday every month!
— Meagan, Northern Territory (MANRAGS Woman 10 months)

As soon as I put my first pair of MANRAGS on I felt like my feet came alive!
— Ashton, Victoria (MANRAGS Woman 7 months)

You will never get as many sock compliments as when you are rocking the MANRAGS.
— Lewis, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

Once you feel that Egyptian thread count on your feet. You won’t look back. If only everything in life was as simple as socks.
— Adam, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

I’m a MANRAGS woman and these are my favourite monthly surprise!
— Sarah-Jade, Queensland (MANRAGS Woman 6 months)

The best sock around! The very best foot carpet!
— Tom, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

Some of the comfiest socks I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet!
— Chris, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Before MANRAGS, my life was dull and sad. Every day was the same, bland, black sock kind of day. Now I have MANRAGS, and every day is full of colour and excitement. It inspires me to be the best man I can be. Each month when I get my delivery I can’t wait to try them on!
— Rikki, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 14 months)

Rocking party socks everyday lightens up the working week!!
— Owen, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 14 months)

I love my collection of MANRAGS and I find nothing better than receiving my monthly package which is always a surprise and chosen by the designers
— Jason, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

Thanks to one of my daughters, I was introduced to MANRAGS via your FACEBOOK page — and am proudly wearing my first pair on the weekend just gone. SOOOO comfy, and so damn good looking — I’m a fan!!
— Queensland (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

They are the best and most fascinating piece of clothing I put on every single day. My sock game’s sky—high right now.
— Priya, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Probably the comfiest socks i have bought. I wear them so much that whenever i go out now the 1st thing im asked is what “funky socks” i have on.
— Ryan, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

It’s exclusive af
— James, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

Who doesn’t want endless amounts of colour and pure showmanship on their feet!
— Joel, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

I wore Happy Socks before discovering MANRAGS but with MANRAGS being as easy and convenient as it is, it was a no brainer! The quality and design of the socks are exceptional.
— Thomas, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

Before I discovered MANRAGS socks, my suits were boring and drab; a tie can only portray so much character. But now with MANRAGS’ socks, my feet can party at work.
— Dale, Australian Capital Territory (MANRAGS Man 14 months)

Love waiting by the mailbox every month! Great product, very good quality! Have referred work colleagues and they love it too!
— Matthew, Victoria (Man Rag Man 14 months)

I wear a uniform every day, same shirt, same pants and a choice of chestnut brown or black RM Williams depending on my belts. It’s dull. Being the only option of expression I have, I do love a good sock design but hunting them in the shops was both expensive and time consuming. Enter MANRAGS. 0 effort fashion. Form and function in one helpful package on time every month. Join up and get familiar with the term “Nice socks” you’ll be hearing it plenty more often.
— Cooper, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

I thought that it’s amazing that you guys can provide socks and now underwear without having to leave our home. Your designs are impeccable and long lasting. Solid effort and look forward to seeing what else you guys have install for us.
— Shaun, Australian Capital Territory (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

I love having socks that stand out and get people talking. It sets me apart from everyone else at work. I have stayed for nearly a year as I wear socks everyday and love having new designs. I would recommend every person who wears socks to get on board and stand out from all the boring black socks!
— Jordan, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

Joined as a gift and have kept renewing the subscription as I love the high quality and designs of the socks
— Catherine, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

Having worn plain black or brown socks for years I took the challenge to change my socks. I have found with bold colourful socks my mood at work has improved and become more positive. I would encourage everyone to do the same and see what difference a tiny change can make to your outlook.
— Joe, Australian Capital Territory (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

Quite simply the best pair of socks I have ever owned. Well made, so comfortable, and the designs are awesome. I will stay on my subscription as long as they let me.
— Jacob, Canada (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

MANRAGS is like opening a surprise package of happiness every month! I get excited not knowing what I’ll be getting every month, and even now my work colleagues look forward to my next delivery!
— Alex, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

I’ve been with MANRAGS for over a year and have loved every order that’s been delivered. Haven’t had to go out and buy new socks for so long — it’s amazing!
— Dillion, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 16 months)

MANRAGS… Empowerment for your feet. A juicy blend of style and substance that helps you conquer all that stands in your way.
— Marko, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

MANRAGS are the new essential fashion accessory for men! Most comfortable and stylish socks I’ve worn!
— Bradley, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

Honestly my feet have never been happier. Much happier than they thought they could be. They’ve achieved a level of Zen usually reserved for the most secluded of Buddhist monks. That’s one of the reasons I keep my subscriptions going… The other is I don’t have to shop for banging socks. Win win
— Glen, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

MANRAGS — Unlike females we look forward to it once a month!!
— Stuart, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

The amount of comments I receive for my MANRAGS socks definitely makes me stay a MANRAGS member for as long as I have! Fine socks are a sign of a classy man, and MANRAGS ensure that I’m classy every month!
— Ben, Australian Capital Territory (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

Before i subscribed to MANRAGS i didn’t realise the difference between cottons, but the soft luscious feel of the Egyptian cotton on my feet is amazing. The range of colours and designs give me that extra flair that defines my strong sock game, making others envy the style.
— Mr. New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

MANRAGS has been one of my best fashion investments ever. Always get compliments when I wear my MANRAGS socks!
— Oliver, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

A friend of mine introduced me to MANRAGS a number of months ago. I signed up immediately after checking them out. I don’t think I have ever worn socks as comfortable as the ones MANRAGS provide. I’m quite the avid sock collector and the awesome designs I receive every month add more and more variety to my collection.
— Khyel, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

Let’s face it — how often do blokes rock out to buy jocks and socks? Not often. Now these are turning up monthly and it’s a little bundle of colours and comfort! I even run them over my face, that’s some seriously soft stuff.
— Belinda, New South Wales (MANRAGS Woman 6 months)

MANRAGS has got me more excited to get out of bed in the morning. Their socks really spice up my outfits and I feel like I can express myself more with them. They’re not boring, and they make me stand out effortlessly.
— Montanna, Auckland (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Now I cross my legs ALL the time…. so I can show off my sexy socks
— Rob, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

My feet felt dishonoured — full stop. Since I found MANRAGS, my feet, and my self and felt proud to be seen! The excitement of receiving an unknown yet guaranteed fun and unique sock design every month gets me out of bed in the morning!
— Scott, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Before i subscribed to MANRAGS i was depressed in a no where job and just existing in life. Now I’m kicking ass and taking names. I always get complimented on my socks and they even got me laid once… theres no better feeling than coming home after a long day of being awesome, seeing the package and not knowing what sick design might await you… bonds are for losers MANRAGS are for winners
— Jordon, Australian Capital Territory (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

I have always been a sock kind of guy, but these bad boys are next level….
— Stephen, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

Before MANRAGS my feet felt like I had taken a brisk walk across the Arabian desert. I know feel as though I have dipped my feet into the Red Sea and coated them in your manrag love.
— Brianna, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

Proud to say MANRAGS helped me to lift my sock game. Fills me with a sense of achievement when that package comes in the mail. I admit I’m addicted.
— Brett, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

Long gone are plain and boring socks, the secret to feeling confident and powerful in a uniform is your individuality. MANRAGS socks help with that reflecting your nature and making you smile whilst doing your job.
— Meg, Hong Kong (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

Waiting by the Mailbox at that special time of the month, waiting for that little black package to arrive, waiting to see the latest sock you will strut the office in. These socks breed confidence.
— Cahill, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

Great socks, comfy with a good quirky design
— Maddi, Australian Capital Territory (MANRAGS Woman 4 months)

My life was dull before i got my MANRAGS
— Ben, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Best purchase I have ever made. Love the socks and can’t wait for my pack every month
— Nathan, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 9 months)

I love the feel of fresh new socks from MANRAGS, keeping me get comfortable and stylish at all times
— Addison, Tasmania (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Keeps me looking hip all overrrrr
— Cesar, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

One must have a hint of colour in every outfit and MANRAGS gives me exactly that!
— Peter, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

Feet were boring and dull until MANRAGS came along and brought life back to my boring feet
— Ben, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

MANRAGS has been an awesome subscription service. It’s cheap enough that I don’t notice anything and every month I’m surprised with a new pair of amazing socks that just compliment my outfit in a way never thought.
— Alexis, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

I love my MANRAGS, the sock are great and last for ages. Always a pleasant surprise.
— Troy, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

MANRAGS has given me an easy solution to varying my wardrobe. I have the excitement surrounding what will be New in the delivery and I get, and it never ceases to amaze me’
— Vinson, Australian Capital Territory (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

MANRAGS make fashionable feet easy!
— Max, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Absolutely love these socks, they brighten your day, and set almost any suit or clothing off
— Kane, Northern Territory (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

My girlfriend purchased this as a gift. They are great quality, feel nice on my feet and have cool patterns. The gift that just keeps giving.
— Fenella, Victoria (MANRAGS Woman 5 months)

Great products delivered to your door
— Troy, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

Love the surprise of new socks on the regular.
— Keith, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

You wear socks every day, why wouldn’t you want a bit of fun down there!
— Melissa, Victoria (MANRAGS Woman 4 months)

As a manager I have stuffy suits that aren’t able to show personality. MANRAGS let’s me have a touch of fun and flair.
— Shannon, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

I bought the MANRAGS subscription as a surprise for my boyfriend — best present ever!
— Alison, New South Wales (MANRAGS Woman 8 months)

Love putting on a pair of funky socks and everyone who sees them comments how good they look.
— Christopher, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Boring socks are a thing of the past ????????????
— Jordan, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

Best gift I have ever given for my extremely hard to buy for brother. Suits him to the ground
— Laura, New South Wales (MANRAGS Woman 8 months)

Not only is the concept great, the execution is perfect! Not having a lot of free time to fulfil my sock fetish, a subscription service is the perfect answer!
— Peter, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 16 months)

Makes for a good ice breaker. Everyone loves a funky pair of socks.
— MANRAGS Man Anon (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

The socks are great quality and the excitement of opening up to see what designs you have are great
— Ashton, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

Absolutely love the designs. They are a gift for my partner every month and he skips like an excited pony every time he sees the package!
— Jennifer, Victoria (MANRAGS Woman 5 months)

I love MANRAGS just as much as my husband as it was a gift for him and it just keeps giving without me having to do a thing!
— Rachel, New South Wales (MANRAGS Woman 7 months)

It’s great to wear something that’s just that little out of the ordinary, something that will stick in people’s mind. Love them
— Aaron, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

Buying socks was pretty boring, but now I don’t have to think about it and it is so exciting to get my package every month and that it is a surprise to what is coming! I get so many comments on them from colleagues and clients!
— Jarod, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 17 months)

My girlfriend bought me the subscription for our anniversary. It’s great, I love getting an extended gift every month.
— Natalia, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

It has become a morning ritual for my staff to take bets and wait for the reveal of what sock pattern/colour I will wear each day.
— Jeff, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

What got me with MANRAGS was how different and out there the styles were, which is exactly what I like. I don’t like to be the same as everyone else
— Nathan, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

As a very active sportsperson who works as a marketing manager in the fitness industry, most of my time is spent in my active wear. I love to dress up for special occasions, and to socialise, but never find the time to go shopping. Receiving my monthly MANRAGS has transformed my sock draw from drab to fab, and I now have endless options no matter what colour outfit I choose!
— Brodie, Tasmania (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

The designs are stunning, comfortable and flawless, they feel like high end type clothing but they are not, perhaps they should be! from one very satisfied customer
— Mitchell, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Definitely the easiest way to maintain a healthy and fun sock collection
— Nicholas, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

MANRAGS have given me the confidence to stand out in a crowd
— Nicholas, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

My MANRAGS socks rock! It’s a bit of fun receiving my surprise package each month and not knowing what to expect when I open it. Plenty of clients make positive comments and it shows a little of my personality which lightens the mood in an otherwise serious business situation. Life’s too short for boring socks! Get on board!!
— Damian, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

I love funky socks so my girlfriend got me a subscription for my birthday and i couldnt be happier. They are so comfortable and the different designs are awesome.
— Tess, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

MANRAGS has changed the way I look at socks. Gone are the black and blues to vibrant colours and designs. Viva the change
— Simon, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

I’d never invested into a sock collection before, and MANRAGS gave me the easy way to build my own personal collection. It’s a cost effective way to have a bit of style in your life.
— Sam, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 16 months)

It’s a mint surprise each month, and for 25 bucks, you don’t even notice the bill.
— Kyle, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

My girlfriend set this up as a monthly gift, I’ve always been into fun printed socks with my business attire for work, these socks are soft and I love opening up the package to see what I get next!!
— Kylie, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Always a lover of colourful socks, MANRAGS has brightened my days and I look forward to receiving my new pair each month. A thoughtful gift from my partner. Excellent customer Service.
— Sarah, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

My girlfriend bought me a subscription — best thing ever. Deffs have the classiest socks in town.
— Emmagen, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

MANRAGS provide the most comfiest and good looking socks in men’s fashion. — Jerome, New South Wales — MANRAGS Man 8 months Quality service that gives my wife and kids a good laugh when they arrive.
— MANRAGS Man Anon (MANRAGS Man 9 months)

Before MANRAGS my feet were tired, sore and boring. By subscribing to MANRAGS my feet have a new lease on life. MANRAGS socks are soooo soft (Egyptian cotton you know?) and they have bright, eye—catching designs that keep my co—workers entertained for whole minutes. I don’t even have to go out to buy MANRAGS, they come right to my letterbox! Now my feet are just tired (and only a little bit sore). I’ll never go back to store bought socks!
— Jordan, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 16 months)

I gave my husband the ultimate jocks and socks gift.
— Natalie, Queensland (MANRAGS Woman 11 months)

I’ve always said that if I was a billionaire, I’d wear a fresh pair of socks every day. With MANRAGS, I get that billionaire experience, every three months.
— Lukas, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

I was gifted MANRAGS by my girlfriend it makes me feel special each month to get a package in the mail of something a bit special and different that I feel great wearing
— Katelyn, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Love my colourful sock collection. The perfect antidote to the corporate attire above the ankle.
— Adam, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

Ever since joining MANRAGS my feet have been complemented more than I ever have.
— Joey, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 9 months)

I couldn’t not get these socks they are a huge talking point in my office
— Damien, Tasmania (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

Trapped in the cycle of boring black and blue business socks? MANRAGS to the rescue! Express yourself with the huge variety and sheer convenience of MANRAGS socks — having a new pair of funky socks sent to you every month means you can ditch that draw of boring socks and free your feet! Wonderfully comfortable Egyptian Cotton, with a wide range of colors and patterns means you can let your personality shine all day every day, with a cheeky bit of style from the feet up. Truly gone are the days of socks matching shoes/belts/suits — the ladies have their handbags, treat yourself to MANRAGS!
— Melinda, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

I got MANRAGS for my boyfriend and he loved it!
— Ebony, Victoria (MANRAGS Woman 5 months)

People are mesmerised by my socks in meetings, and this helps me get the outcome that I need!
— Thomas, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Working in Insurance and having MANRAGS socks now means I have extra duties to do like showing off my monthly socks to all my colleagues! They love them as much as I do but I’m the one that gets to wear them! Great quality and material that last longer than your usual store bought socks
— Joel, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

I look forward to my MANRAGS every month. I always expect to get the same design but I am yet to get one pair the same. Love the variety and looks I get at work. Business up top, Party down below.
— William, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

I bought this for my boyfriend and now he’s waiting for his socks each and every month.
— Chloe, Western Australia (MANRAGS Woman 5 months)

My girlfriend bought these as a gift for me and they’ve been amazing. They have eagerly replaced my old, boring and holey socks.
— Anon, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

I have a confession, I am a middle aged mumma that buys the socks for her two boys aged 25 and 26 (I store them up and give them a stash for Christmas or birthdays), so I have answered the questions on behalf of my boys (I think I know them well enough to know their styles). The sizing was based on the older hipster. I can truthfully say, on behalf of the boys, that they love their MANRAGS for their style, comfort and class. Maybe I should start putting away a stash for my husband as well!
— Melanie, South Australia (MANRAGS Woman 9 months)

My life and socks were dull before MANRAGS arrived and turned my world upside down. I was living in a world of greys and blacks. Corporate monochromaticity had infected my sock drawer. A new world was exposed to me when I discovered MANRAGS online. Now my future is as bright as my socks and I can never go back to how things were before!
— Darren, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

A MANRAGS subscription is a great gift for your favourite bloke. Every month a new package of classy, comfy socks drop on his doorstop as a constant reminder of how awesome you are. After getting subscriptions for my dad (thrilled) and a colleague (charmed) I also got one for a concreter mate — more of a work boots type. He was dubious but after one delivery he loved them so much he’s become a total convert and it’s changed the whole way he dresses. #sayitwithsocks
— Kim, South Australia (MANRAGS Woman 12 months)

“show us your socks” — Everyone I own the floor/room with these socks My MANRAGS turn heads…downwards
— MANRAGS Man Anon (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

As an Commercial Pilot, the only item of my uniform I’m able to choose are my socks. Throughout terminals and hotels around the world, my MANRAGS bring much attention during my travels. Professional and socially creative, MANRAGS is the perfect fix for the everyday lad.
— Josh, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

I am usually the guy in the group that gets complimented on my different, or cool socks. So my Mother thought it a great idea to purchase the MANRAGS 6 month subscription as a Christmas gift for myself and one of my brothers. She was right. We can’t wait to get our monthly delivery to see what style or pattern our next pair are going to be. What a fantastic idea, and the socks are really good quality, comfy to wear, and different to what I’ve had, making a statement with any outfit. Love them.
— Liri, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

I subscribe as a gift to my fiancé, he absolutely loves when he gets his monthly socks. He has gone from black socks or white socks to looking forward to what amazing new designs you provide. I joined with the first month a special price to see what he thought… Absolutely loved it so I keep buying them for him. I think it’s been close to a year now and tbh think the pants idea is awesome. Keep up the good work!
— Cherie, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

24 pairs of socks annually may seem excessive and, frankly, it is. They look good though…
— Peter, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

The fact that I no longer have to go shopping for something as simple as socks makes life just that little bit easier.
— Danielle, London (MANRAGS Woman 4 months)

My partner is always losing his socks and used to end up wearing dirty socks to work! I got him a MANRAGS subscription so that by the time he has lost the pairs from the previous month, new ones have arrived.
— Serena, Western Australia (MANRAGS Woman 4 months)

I love getting stuff in the mail. You guys get stuff out quick, a mate told me.
— Joel, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

The socks are great! No more getting them mixed up with other family member’s items. Everyone knows exactly which ones are mine!
— Alex, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

Every month I look forward to my MANRAGS turning up in the mailbox. My work mates are forever jealous of the bold statements my socks make every day!
— Michael, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

Used MANRAGS for a year now, fantastic designs for both social and professional worlds. Service is top notch, thanks guys and gals.
— Peri, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

MANRAGS is so well priced and convenient. The designs are funky as well.
— Jake, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 9 months)

MANRAGS are the easiest way to get the dopest socks on my feet every month.
— James, Tasmania (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

MANRAGS is the perfect subscription for the everyday business man who wants to mix up their outfit and provide a little colour and vibrancy to it. MANRAGS are for the men who like to stand out and dominate in their day to day!
— Richard, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

You too could be the talk of the town
— Samuel, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

1. Good
2. Chick Magnet
3. Funk
4. Funk
— Anirudha, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

I love this subscription. Sure, some of my colleagues laugh at my smart attire quirky sock combination, but it has become a part of my repertoire and I love it. It allows me to be somewhat outrageous in my clothing, while maintaining an air of professionalism
— Michael, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

Excited every month when my socks arrive. My daughter and I sit down excitedly to see what the new design is.
— Andrew, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

The day I get my socks is the most exciting day of the month!
— Tim, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

My wife bought me a subscription to MANRAGS for Valentine’s Day this year as she knows I get a kick out of new outrageous socks. I hang out for my socks every month now!!!
— Anon, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

There is never an excuse not to need more colour. Death to grey monotony! MANRAGS makes feet cool!
— Topher, Tasmania (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

Before MANRAGS, was very boring dresser. Now I’ll try anything & have socks to match or at least stand out from the crowd!
— MANRAGS Man Anon (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

My wife bought my MANRAGS subscription for Christmas and I love it! I look forward to my delivery every month to see what design my new socks will be!
— Anon, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

Loving my monthly sock delivery! My girlfriend got it for me as a gift and has since started stealing the socks for herself haha.
— Anon, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

My feet were so bored and lonely before MANRAGS. And then my beautiful wife got me a subscription cause she got sick of matching my fugly, holey, threadbare foot huggers. And now I couldn’t be happier knowing that I possess some of the sexiest clad feet in the world and I’m confident in the knowing that they won’t slip off my size 13s like other socks.
— Matt, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

MANRAGS brightens up my letterbox, my day and my otherwise pretty basic bitch style.
— Ben, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

My girlfriend threw out all my old and mismatched socks, then she signed me up. Now I’ll always have stylish (and matching) socks. Best present ever!
— Reece, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

Receiving a parcel for myself (instead of constantly getting things for my wife) is exciting.
— Drew, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 5 months)

I’ve been using MANRAGS since they launched and my ballin’ socks are the talk of the office whenever I get a new pair. I told a few friends, and they subscribed straight away.
— Anthony, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 13 months)

My wife got me onto MANRAGS, as a triathlete it’s a fun fashion statement for my Tri gear whether for racing or training. And gets people talking!
— Anon, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Before MANRAGS, my socks were just like yours: Lifeless, boring, unimaginative, pedestrian. Now my socks are vibrant, eye—catching, show—stopping, and always complimented!
— Tom, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 14 months)

I love MANRAGS — I call it my “sockscription”… each month I receive a pair without a thought at all… my feet have never felt so loved, I used to simply wait until my socks got holes in them before I’d nip to the store to buy a bulk pack of boring black socks! Now, I simply throw away any pair that become too worn, as I know there’s another pair coming within 30 days! I’ve been really impressed with the MANRAGS selection I’ve received to—date and colleagues have commented on how I always have bright and vibrant sock patterns! Thanks guys!
— Bradley, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

Durable and soft socks that are stylish and cool
— Alexandra, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

MANRAGS is the bomb, quality funky socks delivered to my desk monthly, never have to go out and buy them again, get on it, it’s a game changer.
— Jeremy, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 16 months)

My girlfriend buys me MANRAGS each month to brighten my mood but then she steals them for herself
— Anon, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

Socks are always disappearing from our house. MANRAGS has supplied my dad bountiful socks, and he has never been happier.
— Julia, Victoria (MANRAGS Woman 5 months)

Comfiest socks in existence.
— Reuben, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

MANRAGS has invigorated my wardrobe and made me feel so much more energetic and confident every time I slide my toes into them.
— James, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 16 months)

Its the highlight of my month opening the MANRAGS package to see what they designs are for the month. Plus you get the new sock feeling on your feet more often.
— Jayde, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

I love how i am able to finish off a sales business dress look with conversation starting socks.
— Matthew, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 9 months)

High quality for a great price! Plus it’s exciting to find out what design awaits you each month! Just ask yourself, what else would you be wearing? Long white socks…. Cheers, but no thanks.
— Robert, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

months MANRAGS helped me significantly bolster my sock game! Now my socks complement the rest of my outfit!
— Nicholas, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

MANRAGS are the most comfortable socks I have worn and I always get compliments everytime I wear them.
— Phil, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

My feet have been transformed by the lush soft feel of MANRAGS. It’s like Christmas every month when my deliver arrives knowing that my feet are going to be styling and comfortable, its like driving a Ferrari only for my feet.
— Brendon, Western Australia (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

I love the MANRAGS look/feel. It influences the way I feel and present. The confidence and uniqueness of being a MANRAGS man makes me stand out.
— MANRAGS Man Anon (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

Because in the workplace there’s little room for men to express their fashion taste & quirkiness, now having some of the best socks going around makes me strut around the place feeling confident. Plus I’ve received heaps of compliments for guys & girls about how cool my socks are. And the fact that I get three new pairs every 3 months is great because it keeps everything fresh.
— Scott, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 6 months)

My feet did not know comfort until they slid into my first glorious pair of MANRAGS, I’ve only been wearing MANRAGS for a week or so but i can tell you right now…THEY HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER!! Since acquiring these glorious socks the girls have been going absolutely nuts every time i sit down and my amazing jeans slide up just a little to reveal my MANRAGS. My friend got me onto these socks because they made him feel like he could conquer any challenge that faced him. You feel like time and space around you just slow down and you become in charge of your own universe. These ingeniously designed sock will as the slogan depicts Allow you to move Mountains. If you don’t already have a subscription to MANRAGS you need to stop whatever it is you think you are doing in life, look into a mirror and ask yourself, WHY!! Get around one of gods most decadent gifts to man…MANRAGS, We Were Meant To Wear Them.
— Ben, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

MANRAGS… Interesting name, even more interesting socks! Plain socks are boring and none of the 12 or so pairs of socks have been boring at all.
— Steven, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 7 months)

Greatest gift! I love not knowing what pattern or design I am going to get, always enjoy the surprise. High quality socks with stylish and fun designs.
— Georgina, Victoria (MANRAGS Woman 4 months)

MANRAGS has been the best gift i’ve ever received
— Anon, Tasmania (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Love the quality and the designs, delivered to my door, what could be better!
— Morgan, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 9 months)

My brother suggested subscribing to get these socks — now, not only do I look forward to each pair, but so do my colleagues and clients!
— Ryan, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 16 months)

In the corporate environment there are very few ways men can mix things up in what they wear in the office. MANRAGS gets this and their socks definitely help show a bit of character!
— Cameron, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

I used to think this was complete wank. Then my mate started wearing them, and I realised that he suddenly looked like a boss.
— Stephen, Northern Territory (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Be yourself and express yourself! Show the inner you!
— Nicholas, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 10 months)

Unique concept. Styles are chosen for you but care is taken not to repeat. Always the element of surprise. Finishes an outfit with finesse.
— Christopher, Victoria (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

It’s like Christmas once a month!
— Vanessa, Victoria (MANRAGS Woman 4 months)

Best gift ever
— Aimee, Queensland (MANRAGS Woman 4 months)

Before wearing MANRAGS socks I had to actually visit a shop and buy bland and boring socks but thanks to my wife. fabulous socks are sent right to me!
— Scott, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 9 months)

I really like the material used in the socks
— Devesh, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

I’m known for my bright loud socks, all of which are MANRAGS.
— Adam, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 11 months)

The socks make the man and the outfit. I constantly get complimented on my choice of socks and how they make me stand out from the crowd.
— Craig, Queensland  (MANRAGS Man 8 months)

This has changed my life, instead of boring gifts from my mom I gave myself the best gift that best suits my personality, MANRAGS,
— Catherine, Queensland (MANRAGS Man 4 months)

Putting on my funky MANRAGS socks puts a spring in my step and you can’t help but feel happier every time you see them throughout the day. It’s been hard to find good quality socks with flair …….Not any more!
— Geoff, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

Having to wear black pants and a business shirt everyday, MANRAGS give the opportunity to bring some colour and personality back into your life. Having people comment on your continuous changing of crazy socks is great.
— Max, South Australia (MANRAGS Man 15 months)

MANRAGS make great quality products and fun designs. The socks last and are very comfortable. I high recommend buying MANRAGS socks
— Toshak, Singapore (MANRAGS Man 12 months)

They are great socks to show off that you are a man of fashion. Different yet stylish and eye—catching, comfortable yet proper quality and all that for such a simple price.
— Jeffrey, New South Wales (MANRAGS Man 7 months)