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We believe that our community is our biggest asset, so we want to thank the people who share us with the world and reward them handsomely!

Whilst other companies will often offer a refer 3 or 10 friends and get something for free, we value your referrals and effort a lot more and believe you should be rewarded accordingly.

MANRAGS offers you the chance to receive your next month’s MANRAGS for free once you refer 1 friend who successfully joins the club.

Unlike many other programs, you’re also not limited to the number of freebies you can get.
HECK – Refer 12 subscribers and your next year is on us!

Earn your free Monthly MANRAGS by following these easy steps.

STEP 1: Tell your friends or followers about MANRAGS through a post, tweet, or email using your account portal

STEP 2: Receive one referral credit when someone makes a purchase and lists you as their reference during checkout and it will automatically convert to a free month!


1. You may not refer yourself

2. Referral credit is non-transferable.