We don’t want to alarm you — but Father’s Day is fast approaching us this year.

In Australia, Father’s Day always comes around on the first Sunday of September and this year it’s on the 1st of the month! That means you should get thinking about dad’s gift now, because there’s nothing worse than the mad-rush on the morning of Sunday family lunch!

There’s no need to panic though! We’ve got you covered with a gift to suit every type of dad and in plenty of time to make it for his special day.

So strap in — we’re taking the boring out of socks and jocks this year. It’s time to take dad’s top drawer from zero to HERO! Keep scrolling to be inspired.

We’ve got the perfect pair for EVERY dad!

new-dad-boxThe New Dad
Do you know a new dad?
Maybe he’s your husband, your partner or your best mate… Whoever he is, chances are he’s going to need some new socks! And Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to stock his top drawer (let’s face it – he won’t have much of a chance to spontaneously leave the house for a year or five!)
When we put together the ‘New Dad’ pack, we had him specifically in mind. Four pairs of Egyptian Cotton socks in playful prints that are perfect for highlighting the best parts of fatherhood.


The Makeover Dad
Did you know… On average, men wear the same pairs of underwear for at least 7 years! That’s way too long to be wearing the same old pairs of jocks! So we figured – isn’t it about time his top drawer had a makeover?! Father’s Day is your chance!
We all know a dad who could use a makeover, so this pack is for him! It’s the perfect kickstart to overhauling his style, featuring two of our most popular prints in matching socks and briefs. In no time at all he’ll be standing out from the crowd in his stand out essentials!


The Dorky Dad
We love dorky dads! The kind who always have a killer “dad joke” ready to go and a bunch of novelty items laying around (because who knows when you’ll need a fake moustache??)
Together we put on our dorky-dad thinking caps and came up with the ultimate Father’s Day pack! It’s a perfect mix of quirky prints to satisfy his “inner nerd” but it still hits the style mark, every time. Plus he’ll be raving about the quality of Egyptian Cotton for years to come.
The Animal Dad
For dad’s who are parenting cats, dogs and everything in-between – or even just the dad who loves animals! This pack is for him.
Not only can he enjoy his animal printed socks, but he can also rest easy that he’ll never have to forego his favourite pair as a chew-toy! MANRAGS has the world’s first Washing Machine Monster Policy – if he loses a sock to the washer or dryer (or new puppy) then we’ll replace it, free of charge!


The Straight Shooter Dad
Straight shooter dad gets right to the point. He’s a no muss no fuss kinda guy – and that’s why we love him!
He might not always be up for bright colours or bold prints, but he does believe in the practicality of socks and undies as a gift.
This pack was made just for Straight Shooter dad. It’s three pairs of MANRAGS briefs and matching socks. They’ve got enough personality to highlight his “inner cool”, but they’re simple enough to be sensible. Plus – they’re made from premium Egyptian Cotton to keep him comfortable all day (which let’s face it, is what he’ll really dig).


The Adventurous Dad
We all know an adventurous dad. He’s usually got a garage full of equipment and more hobbies than you can count. Fishing, hiking, mountain biking – and that’s just before sunrise!
Since he’s always on the move then he really should have some socks that keep him supported and comfortable on every adventure.
This pack of Egyptian Cotton socks will ensure adventurous dad is kept comfortable all day and night. Plus – there’s one pair for every day of the week to ensure he never runs out!
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Want dad to feel spoiled all year round?

Sign him up for one of our subscription packages and he’ll receive a fresh pair of Egyptian Cotton essentials every month! It’s the gift that keeps on giving ????

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