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UpCircle is a digitally integrated solution for brands and businesses to implement and drive textile recycling solutions to your community.

What is it?

It is now the responsibility of brands and community leaders to take action.

After launching our Clothing Recycling Collection we realised that by partnering with other brands we could provide this solution to their communities as well as our own.

So, armed with the knowledge that 87% of Australian shoppers demand and expect sustainability from brands, we developed world-first technology that allowed others to digitally integrate into our platform and provide their audience with a way to recycle their old product. This is how UpCircle was born.


A simple way that brands can offer their customers an opportunity to recycle their old product and be rewarded for doing so.

We’ll take care of the set-up of the partnership, building a co-branded web page and email series for your customers. All you need to do is direct customers to the page and provide them with a coupon to spend on your product.

For customers, it provides another opportunity to responsibly dispose of their old textiles. For businesses, it drives additional sales of your product and provides a solution for your product’s end of life.

Once you become an UpCircle partner, we’ll provide you with a certification sticker to use on your website or marketing collateral to show that you’re part of the movement.

Upparel - Brandmark - White
Why become
an UpCircle


Total partners

Together with visionary partners like you we create opportunities to upuse, upsell and uplift the value of textiles.



Partner coupons used

This is how many people we see returning to use their voucher through our UpCircle program.

Group 863


KG Textiles diverted

Made up of clothing, linen and shoes — this is how many items we’ve been able to save from landfill from our direct to consumer offering.

Reward your customers

Reward your customers for having their textiles collected and stepping up for the next generation.

$0 fee to setup account

We’ll cover the cost of setting up your account and waive any ongoing fees for the first 12 months.

Quarterly impact update

You’ll be entitled to a quarterly impact update that measures kg of textiles saved from landfill and greenhouse gases prevented.

Who’s already involved?

Since teaming up with ettitude, their community has jumped right onboard and together we've diverted over 672kg of textiles from landfill! That's a fantastic impact in just a few months time.⠀

ettitude x UPPAREL
Got worn-out activewear with no place to go? We have the answer. We’ve teamed up with Movemetica to provide their customers with a place to recycle their old and unwanted activewear.

Movemetica x UPPAREL
Team Timbuktu began when founder, Rhianna, was sick of hiking in clothes that didn’t reflect her values or her sense of style or desire for sustainability. Now everything from the fabrics, the factories, the packaging and freight, they're committed to continual improvement – Which is why UpCircle was a perfect fit for them.

Team Timbuktu x UPPAREL

How do you become an UpCircle partner?

This is how it works.

Setup of brand partnership by UPPAREL.

UPPAREL will provide a co-branded landing page to manage recycling collections. 

New Upcircle partner sends an email to their customer base giving them the opportunity to send back their old clothes.

To drive interest and participation, new UpCircle partner will provide a discount voucher to their audience for taking part. 

New UpCircle partner will fulfill customer demand for their product.

UPPAREL will provide an impact statement every quarter to show total kilograms of textiles kept out of landfill, total greenhouse gases prevented and total sales of the co-branded recycling collections.


Let’s talk about getting your brand UpCircle Certified.